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The things that come to my mind.  One of the first things is, I wish I was taller!

Random Events
Blasting loud music at 3.15 AM
I was tired, on my upstairs computer, typing away at something, listening to some music with headphones attached to the computer, then I fell asleep without noticing and the headphones came out of the computer...waking me up instantly and my parents.  They talked for a few minutes and then went silent again.  I blasted Inactive Messiah - All Your Dreams.  Could have been worse.

College Peers Scared
Here is a collection of things people have told me at college.
'Freak'  'Mad One'  ' Psycho'  'SS Officer'  'Weirdo'

Funny Sleep Paralysis Episode
I was sleeping, I woke up in sleep paralysis, couldn't move anything, apart from my eyes.  I heard a terrifying noise, getting closer and closer.  This had never happened in my sleep paralysis before.  It was as if it were coming up the stairs.  After I broke out of my paralysis, I opened my door, and found my dad hoovering the floor!

Printer Jam at work
My 'boss' was printing something off and the paper didn't come fully out, it jammed half-way.  He grabbed the paper and pulled on it, then I came over, turned the printer off, opened the front, took the paper out and after that, the printer seemed to work fine.

Sleep Paralysis Under My Control
This used to be a bit scary for me, but since it happens every night now, I've gotten used to it.  I find it to be interesting.  Any outside sound is heard differently.  I've had some out-of-body experiences.  I've seen 'shadow' creatures.

Other than that, how is everyone?  Yes I still play Super Smash Bros Brawl and Melee.
Metaknight is the best in brawl!

I'm 18 now!!!!  Holy heck!!!!!

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